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Sunday, August 20

August 20th 2006

The Gap, Sunday August 20th 2006.

149 years ago today just a few hundred metres south of this spot occurred one of Australia's worst maritime disasters. The Dunbar, a three masted clipper had set sail from Plymouth in England 81 days earlier. On a stormy night August 20th 1857 the Dunbar was smashed against the rocks below the cliffs resulting in the deaths all but one of the 121 people on board. Memorial services for the victims of the Dunbar are still held annually at St. Stephen's Church in Newtown. For more information about the tragedy click here. To view photographs of some of the graves at St. Stephen's click here.

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Canon 1D Mk II. EF 17-35 f/2.8L@17mm 1/80s f/18 ISO 250.